Restoring Wallet With A Seed Phrase

There are two situations from which you can restore your wallet. The first possibility is that for some reason, you had to delete the app, and now you are setting it up from scratch. In this case, click on "Import Wallet" when you get to the following screen:

then follow the steps as shown in the app.

if you want to multiwallet in the app, click on "Wallet Name" (in this case "My wallet") at the top left of the page.

and select "Import" .

enter your seed phrase in the following page and click on Add wallet.

then your wallet will be added into the app. you can switch between wallets by clicking on "Wallet name/icon" at the top left .

*Note: Multiwallet is a premium feature, In order to use multiwallet , you need to be in community/community plus tier. you can find out more about tiers in here. if you are not a community/community tier member, the existing wallet will be removed and the new imported wallet is added into the app.

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