How to Withdraw Liquidity?

To withdraw your assets from the liquidity pool, start by going to Earn->Liquidity Pooling->your pools

in "your pools" Page, you will be able to view all your liquidity positions,select the asset you would like to withdraw from the pool and then click withdraw.

In the next page, select the method of withdrawal (sym or assym withdrawal)

Select the amount to withdrawal, review the transaction and click on Withdraw Liquidity, to Broadcast the withdrawal transaction.

your transaction will be broadcasted , and you will receive the assets in a few minutes.(it depends upon the network congestion and outbound queue during the time of withdrawal, it could take a while for some transactions)

Note: if you make an asymmetrical deposit, it is only possible to withdraw the liquidity position in the asset that you used to make the deposit (i.e, if you deposit btc, you can only withdraw btc) for Symmetrical deposits , you can withdraw the liquidity position in all the possible ways.

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