How To Stake $TGT

You can stake our multi-utility token, $TGT, to earn 16.44% APR either through our WebApp or directly in the app. Besides the APR, when staking enough $TGT, you can unlock our community tiers and enjoy benefits such as reduced swapping and liquidity providing fees. Read on to find detailed guide on "How to Stake $TGT".

Staking with the WebApp

First, go to our WebApp at There, in the menu on the left hand side, click on "Staking"

Once you are on the staking page, you have to be connected to the wallet in which you hold your TGT. When you are connected, click on "Stake" (as highlighted on the screen shot below) and enter the amount of TGT you want to stake (or use the % buttons).

Now, click on "Preview" to see the estimated fee (you can customise these) and when you are happy, click on "Stake xxx TGT" to stake your tokens.

Note: if you are staking for the first time, you will also have to approve the staking contract.

Staking with the Mobile App

‍First, navigate to the $TGT asset page as shown on the following screen shot.

On the $TGT asset page, click on stake:

After clicking on "Stake TGT", you will be at the following screen. Here, you can input the amount of $TGT you wish to stake and click on "Continue". After this, you will end up on the following screen, where you can see the overview of the fees.

Finally, click on"Stake" and approve the network fee/s to stake your tokens. Note: When staking for the first time, you will have to approve two transactions: the staking contract and the transfer of funds to the staking vault. Now, you have successfully staked your $TGT!

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