🐳Streaming Swaps

Streaming Swaps breaks down a swap into multiple smaller swaps and executes them. Streaming swaps should make it more viable to execute larger trades on THORChain. if you are trying to make a larger swap in the app, you can use the pro version and customize it or let the app decide the best path in the pro version. if the Swap Size is larger , app automatically displays the paths (streaming and normal swap route as shown below) by using streaming swaps , Users will incur to a very low slippage fee for larger swaps, but the swap is time consuming depending upon the swap size and parameters selected (i.e no.of subswaps , block Swap interval) it could take few hours, for the swap to get completed. eg of a streaming swap:

if you select price optimised , streaming swap is initiated . Time optimised is just a normal swap. By default app select the no.of subswaps dynamically depending upon the swap volume( it cannot be changed). block Swap interval is set to 9 by default (i.e for every 9 thorchain blocks a sub swap is made). block Swap interval can be changed by clicking on the "βš™"icon top right corner.

More on Streaming Swaps: https://medium.com/thorchain/introducing-streaming-swaps-eff37f6150f3 Streaming Swaps Can be tracked in Thorscanner and ninerealms tracker.

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