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A fully regulated provider of On-Ramp fiat services. Enjoy NO KYC up to certain limits (terms and conditions apply). Purchase times of less than 1 minute. Top-notch UX/UI with 24/7 support. Low fees with no slippage and hidden fees.

Fiat currencies available for On-Ramping

Cryptocurrencies available for On-Ramping

Payment Methods

  1. Debit and Credit Cards (VISA and Mastercard)

    • The minimum purchase amount is 5 or 10 USD, depending on the cryptocurrency.

    • The maximum purchase amount is 20,000 USD weekly and/or 50,000 USD monthly.

    • We recommend choosing your native currency if available to avoid FX fees by your bank, or USD if your currency is not available.

  2. Local Payment Methods (coming soon!)

  3. Bank Transfers (coming soon!)


Credit or Debit Card Payments

Kindly note that there are 3 types of fees applied for each transaction.

  1. For the first Credit/Debit card transaction, there is no fee. A fee of 2.49% will be applied starting from the second credit card transaction.

  2. For all credit/debit card transactions, the payment processing fee is 4.5% of the amount you wish to spend (USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY), and up to 6.5% for other currencies.

    • For the amounts below, the fee is flat: 5.00 USD - 20.00 USD -> 2 USD

    • 20.01 USD - 50.00 USD -> 3 USD

3. Network fee is charged by the miners for confirming transactions on the blockchain. It varies depending on the market demand for specific cryptocurrencies. It is charged per transaction and does not depend on the amount spent.

Other fees

  1. Cash advance fee

    • Visa and MasterCard decided to consider all cryptocurrency transactions as cash advance transactions. Your bank or card issuer may add an extra fee (up to 5%) for purchasing cryptocurrencies using your credit card. This fee is charged by your bank and THORCash has no control over it.

  2. Exchange rate fee

    • Exchange rate fee is the fee your bank charges for converting your bank account currency into either EUR, USD or GBP. The exchange rate fee is determined by your card issuer.

  3. Bank transfer fee

    • In most cases, banks will apply their commission for transferring funds. Please refer to the "Fees and Charges" section on your bank's website for more information.

NO KYC Limits

$2000 (most of Europe, US, Canada, and more) or $500 depending on your location.

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