How To Migrate From MetaMask To THORWallet DEX

There are two scenarios when importing the wallet. First, you are opening the app for the first time. Second, you already have a wallet in THORWallet DEX but you want to overwrite it with your MetaMask wallet. If you are opening the app for the first time, you can follow our "Getting started guide" until the point where you are on the screen that says "Create Wallet" and "Import Wallet".
Create or import wallet screen
In the second case, on the home screen click on settings and after on "Import Wallet"
Settings page
After clicking on "Import Wallet" in either scenario, you will be at the following screen:
Import wallet screen
To migrate from MetaMask to THORWallet DEX, go to MetaMask app's home screen and click on the burger menu in the upper left corner and after click on settings:
MetaMask Homescreen
Menu of MetaMask
In settings, click on "Security & Privacy"
MetaMask Security and Privacy
When in the "Security & Privacy" menu, click on "Reveal Secret Recovery phrase" and enter your password:
MetaMask Seed1
MetaMask Seed2
After entering your password, you will be able to see your seed phrase. To migrate, click on "Copy to clipboard" (Note: the seed phrase only stays in the clipboard for 1 minute) and go back to the THORWallet DEX app.
Copy your seed in MetaMask
Back in the THORWallet DEX app, enter the seed phrase from the clipboard and click on the arrow. Note: all letters must be small and there is one space between each word.
Insert your seed phrase
After few seconds, you will be asked to enter and confirm your PIN as well as to enable biometrics (see "Getting started guide" ). Finally, you will end up at the home screen and you are ready to go.
Home screen