How To Swap Synthetics?

Thanks to our seamless Synthetics integration, you can use Synthetics in the most convenient way. Swapping with Synthetics works in exactly the same way as any other swap. Start by selecting the native asset you want to swap from the Wallet page, in our example BUSD.
Swap Screen
After, click on the asset you want to swap to and search for the synthetic asset you want. In our example synthetic TGT. You can recognise a synthetic asset by the brackets with text synth after the assets's ticker symbol, e.g. BTC (synth).
Synth TGT
Finally, enter the amount you want to swap and click on "Preview Swap". From here, just follow the on screen instructions.
Swap screen with amount
If you are not sure how exactly swaps work, have a look at our "How to make a swap?" guide. If you want to learn more about Synthetics, you can have a look at the original THORChain documentation.