What Are Swapping Fees?

Swaps have the following fee structure:

1. Network Fee:

  • paid in the input asset
  • If the input is rune 0.02rune is paid as fee
  • If the input is ETH/ERC-20 token then it is paid in ETH

2. Transaction Fee (Gas):

  • Paid in outbound currency

3. Affiliate Trading Fee (THORWallet DEX fee):

  • 0%-1% depending on community tier or THORWallet NFT
Transaction (gas) is approximately 3x higher than normal transaction. This is a THORChain default, to make sure swaps are executed fast and don't get stuck. For PoS chains this has little effect on gas costs, whereas for ETH transaction those fees can be considerably higher. Click on the info button in the app before the swap to see an estimation of the fees. Please be aware that this is an estimation.
Fee overview