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How To Make A Swap?

In the app on the Wallet page, tap on the asset you want to swap (in our example RUNE) and click on Swap.
Swap button
Next, enter the amount you wish to swap, the asset you want to swap to (In our example, we swap from RUNE to BUSD). You can also set your preferred Slippage Tolerance by clicking on the cogwheel in the upper right corner. This step is not necessary as the app has a built-in auto slippage function.
Swap Screen
Click on Preview Swap to view the estimated fees of the transaction.
Swap Preview
Finalise the Swap by clicking "Swap now", after which the following window appears:
Pending Swap
After the first confirmation takes place (usually a few seconds), a swap summary appears:
Swap confirmation screen
Now the transaction is finished, you can check your respective asset balances in the wallet.