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How To Start A Mission?

To start a new mission, go to the missions tab of the app and navigate to the "New Missions" submenu. Now you are at the following screen:
New Missions page
From this screen you can choose whatever mission you like the best. After you have chosen the mission you want to complete, click on it and you will arrive at homepage of that particular mission. In this example "Single Swap 2 USD".
Mission page
On this page, you can see everything important regarding a particular mission:
  • Rules of the mission,Required actions,
  • Reward for completing the mission,
  • Available time to complete the mission. To start a mission, confirm that you understood the rules of the mission and click on "Start mission".
Start a Mission
After clicking on "Start mission" you you will be able able to see the mission in "Your Missions" submenu.
Your Missions overview